Store Policy

Exchange Offer
For all of you who have been with StormForge and own a StormForge item, we again offer the option to exchange your item for this latest release.

A lot of work has gone into this release and we want you, our customers who in the past chose StormForge items, to have the latest and (in our minds) best item we could possibly make for you.

In this release, all the sculpts and animations have been redesigned by StormForge and only the best texture scripts and sit scripts added.

If you own StormForge items and would like to exchange these items for the new version, we offer a half price exchange, each for each. For those of you that own a large number of items, please do contact Harm Xue, we will try to offer you the best possible deal.

Contact Harm Xue inworld to work out the details of your item exchange (please send IM, they all go to email and can be read and answered much faster).

Come visit our store inworld, all items on display. Try them and test them.

Lastly, send us any questions, special requests, and custom work inquiries. We most likely can meet your expectations.

Thank you!


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