StormForge Staff

Harm Xue

Co-Owner, Customer Service Master and Master Builder

Builder and co-owner of StormForge. Harm does all the design and construction work and is the primary CSR for StormForge. Send all questions and problems to him by offline IM; these will immediately be sent to his primary email inbox and action taken.  Notecards may take several days to reach him, so IM is preferred.

Azrael Tedeschi

Co-Owner, Bulk Sales, Copywriter

Az is the court jester, writer and PR contact for StormForge.  Want custom work or try to wrangle a discount for sizeable order?  He’s your main inworld contact.  As with Harm, IMs are preferred to notecards, as the text of an IM goes to his primary email as well.  Az is also the contact for participation in hunt and charitable activities (he’s the softhearted one).  Don’t ask for cash; he’s not THAT softhearted.

Jager Xeltentat

Marketing, Graphic Designer and Photographer

While you are admiring the beauty of our tables and the bouncy bounciness of our models, you are admiring the extreme talent of our on-staff photographer, Jager.  He also designs our adverts, works toward spreading the word about our products and makes sure that our furniture and furnishings are displayed in their overwhelming beauty and versatile usage.  Jager enjoys photography and promises that he only takes pictures of naked girls because he has to and doesn’t keep any copies.  No, really.  He promises.  He also allows Azrael to assist him in marketing (while praying it’s not a major mistake!) and may be contacted inworld with questions regarding our product line. He may be contacted through IMs, Notecards or messaging on



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