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All the famous writers say your home is your castle.  It’s always been my contention that my home is my sanctuary against stress, upset and bother.

Why not make your SecondLife the most comfortable place possible?  Most of us spend a goodly amount of time there, indulging in our various types of roleplay.

That’s where we come in. Allow me to introduce our company to you: We’re StormForge — and we specialize in making your Second Life home stylish and comfortable, no matter where you live.  Our product line covers longhouses and individual homes, no matter if you live in a small woodcutter’s cottage or you are the High Jarl of Torvaldsland, a tarnsman in the Voltai or the direct Ubar descendent of Marlenus of Ar.

StormForge also prides itself on flexibility for the needs of its customers.  Need a high table that seats ten PLUS a dais for four?  Just contact Azrael Tedeschi inworld and he will be happy to work with you on customizing your furnishing needs.  Want a tweak to animations or maybe something a bit more naughty?  We will be happy to listen, make notes and then give a written estimate of what we would charge for the item.

We’re StormForge, and we’re here to help you forge the best SecondLife you can have.

Visit us inworld at:
Or shop from us on the Marketplace:

Disclaimer: We are just a furniture company in the platform known as Second Life. We are not endorsed by or affiliated with any other StormForge entity outside of Second Life.


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