Getting into Gor

27 Apr

So you’ve lost your sanity and now want to take a leap into Gorean role play. Unfortunately for you, many Gorean sims heavily limit observation. Additionally, you keep losing track of which of the Luther essay note cards you’ve read. You’re probably even too petrified to do anything as to not piss anyone off in strict, by-the-book sims.

Fret no more. Getting into Gorean role play is not that hard.

All you need to do is know what “Tal” means, decent role playing experience, the Gorean meter and a GM compatible sword and bow. Just having all of the above will have you set. If you have experience in medieval role play and even better, medieval role play with a BDSM slant in it, then you’re already home in Gor.

But you don’t believe me, do you? Sigh. Fine. Though don’t come back crying to me when later on you find how simple Gorean role play tends to be and find that you’ve read this post for nothing. Read on.


First, consider what you’re good at in real life and what occupations your past characters have taken. Then see if you fit any of these general castes: Scribe, warrior, physician and builder. There are more castes and some races in Gor don’t even follow the caste system. Next, head to this website and read about the desired caste. The Luther Scrolls are easier to read on a website.

Perhaps the Luther essays still go over your head. Just pop into the Gorean Info Hub and ask for help. Eventually someone with the ulterior motive of recruiting will come to your aid and answer your questions. Don’t feel guilty or pressured if your mentor’s role play sim is not to your liking. Move on to the next mentor since some people’s purpose in our lives are merely stepping stones toward a greater goal.

Search for an in-world Gorean events group and leave Group Notices on. The Gor Events, Gor in Second Life, Gorean Events and Information AND are good examples of in-world groups. People frquently announce holding classes on various topics on Gor. Classes are an easier way to get your questions answered versus pretending to like your Gorean mentor. Don’t freak out if you spot nonsense in the Gorean groups or if copybotted items are circulated through group notices. Idiots flood all fandoms. Gor is obviously not an exception.

Much to Azrael’s chagrin, metered combat is usually a big part of Gorean role play. Despite much effort by by-the-book sims to bring the Gor books to life as accurate as possible, expect hack n’ slash. Role play sims frequently raid one another and at times, you will get attacked without any role play to initate it and just have to deal. So you don’t have your ass handed to you on a plate every time, join the following in-world groups and just ask for a sparring partner in group chat: Gorean Gathering and Gorean Sparring.

Gorean newcomers! Just keep the above in mind and you’ll find yourself safely roaring, beating on your chest, beating on other guys and running away from all the horny kajirae.

Did I mention that Gor is only simple if you play a free man? Oh and buy Harm’s stuff.

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