StormForge group is now available

After much customer request, Harm finally made a group for StormForge.

An In-world group joiner is available at the main store. Or just copy and paste this link in Local Chat and click it:

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It’s alive!!!…

Builder dude did it…

StormForge is up and running. New inworld store and all the MP listings done!!!

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Getting into Gor

So you’ve lost your sanity and now want to take a leap into Gorean role play. Unfortunately for you, many Gorean sims heavily limit observation. Additionally, you keep losing track of which of the Luther essay note cards you’ve read. You’re probably even too petrified to do anything as to not piss anyone off in strict, by-the-book sims.

Fret no more. Getting into Gorean role play is not that hard.

Is it really?

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Thank you, LL!

So, here we are.  We’ve been working hard, staying up late, getting up early (except for Jager!), striving to get our products out the door and in the vendors at our shop and online at the SL Marketplace and we were SO CLOSE!

Then SecondLife crashes and burns.  Don’t worry; as soon as we can get the updated finished, we will get it done.

*begins the exorcism of SL and all the demonic bugs contained therein*

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So so so much work…

New face and huge new release of StormForge is very close to finished.

Now it’s up to the builder dude, who is a control fanatic to get all the adverts up and running on MarketPlace and the Inworld store vendors.

I’ll get there!

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Another day…

So…errr…nope, still no clue what to say…

Will keep trying!

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A comment a day…

Might make the builder dude actually learn how to use this blog!

I didn’t think so far as to what I was going to say…

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